Heading off to Regionals!

March 30, 2016


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the oldest engineering society in the United States, and the organization’s goal is to “enhance the welfare of mankind through the advancement of the science and profession of engineering” (ASCE vii). The ASCE provides many opportunities to engineering students, such as activities on college campuses, meetings, educational outreach, conferences, and social events to allow future engineers to meet and connect with others and prepare for their careers. Two of these opportunities are the Concrete Canoe Competition and the Steel Bridge Competition.

Competitions with both regional and national components, these events are large and fiercely competitive. For each competition, teams work together all year to build the best possible finished product. For the concrete canoe competition, students must build a floatable canoe from concrete that can be raced in water. The steel bridge competition involves building a steel bridge safely and efficiently. Western Kentucky University has entered both of these competitions for many years and today, both teams head off to regionals! Wish them good luck, and stay posted for more details and updates on the competitions!



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