What it’s Like to Work for the Engineering Department: Bryce Aberg’s Experience

March 28, 2016bryce aberg

In a word, Bryce Aberg would describe his position within the engineering department as “baller.” For the past three months, Bryce has worked as a student researcher at Western Kentucky University. Dr. Farhad Ashrafzadeh, a professor of electrical engineering, approached Bryce with the job offer when he had an opening in his lab. Bryce was pleased to take the job and begin researching. The major project of the lab is to improve the energy efficiency of a major company’s clothes dryer. Bryce’s role in this research is to use thermodynamics principles to model the dryer and clothes system. He works alongside another student to develop a mathematical model of the system and compare their simulation results with those of another worker. Using the knowledge he has learned through his engineering classes at Western, Bryce is working to solve a real-world problem. However, through his job, he has learned that “being able to handle people is equally, if not more important, than being able to handle physics,” (Aberg). His position as a student worker is putting both his interpersonal and his engineering skills to the test.

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Bryce’s interest in engineering was fostered early in life. Growing up surrounded by his father’s projects, gadgets, and passion for building things, Bryce has decided to follow his path as an electrical engineer. He will graduate in 2016 as an electrical engineering major, but he has left his mark on WKU’s campus. A member of the Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and a researcher in the physics department, Bryce is quite involved on and off campus. One of his favorite experiences within the engineering department was going to a robotics competition hosted by the IEEE in 2013. Despite all of the serious work involved with his major and his current job, Bryce maintains a sense of humor and would like to share this picture of him on the job:

me on the job



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